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Guidelines for the assessment of budget impact of healthcare technologies

The manual of AIP is a guide for the elaboration of the different stages of the analysis of budget impact and the routes of search of information of the populations and the costs associated with the sanitary technologies ...

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Guidelines for the assessment of effectiveness and safety of healthcare technologies

The evaluation report on the effectiveness, safety and diagnostic validity of health technologies addresses the benefits, harms or diagnostic utility of technologies, as one of the criteria used to inform health decision-making ...

Guidelines for participation and deliberation

The manual seeks to present the participatory processes structured in the IETS, to be incorporated in the evaluation of health technologies and the construction of Clinical Practice Guidelines, in order to integrate all possible perspectives from a comprehensive, constructive and proactive perspective. .   

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Guidelines for the economic evaluation of healthcare technologies in Colombia: technical support documents

Measurement and valuation of health outcomes for economic evaluation and decision-making in healthcare; discounting in economic valuation of healthcare interventions; uncertainty and the value of additional evidence in health care decisions; decision rules in economic evaluation of healthcare interventions.  

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Technical documents to support the construction of the Colombian reference case for the economic evaluation in health

It describes the different approaches in the definition of costs, as well as the most recognized costing methods for their use in economic evaluations of health technologies and presents the costing methods that have been used more frequently in this type of studies in Colombia, offering suggestions for the context of economic evaluations in Colombia.

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